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Nothing Like A Doxie!

When Schnapps,  our eleven year old black and tan standard dachshund, died in March of 2004 we were emotionally crushed. We needed to have a new dachshund in our lives because we missed her and her quirky dachshund ways.

The problem was there were no standard dachshunds available in Northern Illinois, Wisconsin, or even Iowa. We contacted the Illinois AKC Club for Dachshunds and they couldn't even help us.

Fortunately, we searched the web and found The Walking Weiner Dog Site:  After some informative communications: email and by phone  we arrange a visit to Perryville.

The following is not a testimony, but rather a heart felt thank you to Jo.  So, this is how Gerry (Me) and my family  met Hairy ( aka: Miss Pitty Pat).